Here's what some of Launch into Learning's clients have had to say...

R.G. (female), age 11

I've been able to read a lot easier. I've been able to keep my cool if [my two sisters] annoy me. And the most important one - I'm more confident with myself. I like reading big words, trying to find the stress (accent). You have made reading for me more fun!!

N.R. (male), age 9

[The Davis® program] helped me a lot - especially being able to put my mind's eye in a special spot. It helps me to pay attention more.

Parent: Our son struggled to stay focused at school in the 1-3 grades. We had neuropsychological testing done when he was in 2nd grade and were told that his high intelligence was mismatched to his poor test performance. However, no definitive diagnosis was made at the time, and we were left scratching our heads about what options might provide our son with the help he needed. Drugs for ADHD were a possibility but not one that we were happy about trying, particularly after our 2nd grader told us that he 'liked himself the way he was' and didn't want to take medicine, despite our suggestion that it would make life at school a lot easier for him. A friend told us about the Davis Method so we decided to give it a try. What a difference it made! After completing the training during Spring vacation, his teachers were instructed to ask our son if he was 'on point' whenever he appeared to be drifting - - to their happy surprise, he had developed a tool with the help of the Davis Method to regain focus quickly and easily. All in all, it was a very successful outcome to an otherwise dismal situation. Our son is currently in 5th grade and loves school; his academic performance is strong and his self - confidence continues to grow.

A.D. (male), age 10

I'm starting to remember a lot more things than my mom! The release, dial, hands on my shoulders...I can remember better because of picture-at-punctuation. If I did that on one of my real stories, I bet I could do better.

Mom:  [My son] does not stumble over or substitute the words he has done with Symbol Mastery.

H.D. (male), age 9

Thank you for my carving (a gift from facilitator's husband) and helping me read. I had fun!!

Mom:  It is difficult to express in words the gratitude we feel for all that you have given [our son]. Of course, much is yet to be seen, but we already can sense a heightened enthusiasm for learning and reading all the books he has wanted to read for so long.

We are so grateful to have met you and Walter (facilitator's husband). You are truly loving and sincere people. I know that [our son] will never forget either of you. With best wishes and ever so much thanks...

J.C. (male), age 57

I'm more focused, in general, when I'm going to do something.

N.H. (male), age 18

It's been a lot easier to think clearly.

R.M. male, age 60 (High School Principal, retired)

I'm paying attention to the ends of words now. I can hear sounds differently. What you have done for my confidence and self-esteem is inestimable!!

M.P. (female), age 9

Mrs. Tyler is really fun, and she helped me a lot. I had lots of headaches, and, then, when I went to see her, my head wasn't hurting as much...This program rocks!!

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